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Name: Rosemary Poole-Carter
Location: Houston, TX
Travel: To any state
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Bio: Rosemary Poole-Carter is a novelist and playwright, whose work often focuses on the history and eccentricity of the American South. Novels include WOMEN OF MAGDALENE, set in a post-Civil War ladies' lunatic asylum; WHAT REMAINS, an historical mystery; and JULIETTE ASCENDING, a young adult historical set during Mardi Gras. Her plays have been produced in the United States and Europe, and include MOSSY CAPE, based on Southern folklore; THE LITTLE DEATH, set in 19th century New Orleans; DEATH BEHIND THE TABLOIDS, a murder-mystery farce; and THE FAMILIAR, a ghost story.
Possible topics: Danger: Women Reading
Why did 19th century Women's Book Clubs strike fear in the hearts of so many husbands and clergymen? Find out what those reading women were up to.
Bringing the Stage to the Page: Using Playwriting Techniques in Novels
This workshop covers how essential ingredients of playwriting—dialogue combined with action, props that contribute to character and plot, and subtext for emotional undercurrents—an enhance suspense and enrich novel writing.
The Good Old Days—They Were Murderous
A look at 19th century murder and detection methods, crime and punishment
Turning Back the Hands of Time
Tips on researching and writing historical fiction
Fees: Negotiable

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