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Name: Andrew Alexander
Location: Katy, TX
Travel: To any state
Web site:
Bio: I am the author of many articles to encompass history and Legends; monuments of New Mexico; symbolic anthropology with a specialty in Native American Rock Inscription decoding systems and other short stories. I recently moved to the Houston area after being disabled. I am a war-time Marine Corps veteran. I am a transplant from Southern New Mexico and have maternal lineage over 5 generations in Texas and New Mexico. I am from a family of 7 brothers and sisters who reside in TX and N.M. I have played a role in the privately owned Gadsden Museum of La Mesilla, NM and come from several generations of teachers.
Possible topics: Legends and Monuments: Southern NM Historical Society; Petroglyphs: Southern NM Explorers Club; Decoding Petroglyphs: Southern NM Museum of Natural History (a short course in decoding rock writing); Symbolic Anthropology (A short course in integrating history in education): College of Santa Fe Elderhostel Programs; History in the Archaeological Record (Short presentation of Archaeological renderings): Sierra County Historical Society, Truth or Consequences, NM.
Fees: I am inclined to consider it an honor to present my material within the immediate area of my domicile. When traveling further distances, I must require some remuneration, dependent on what my hosts would like to accomplish. Therefore, I am open to suggestions.

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